Pipe, cassock, and beard = Legitimate

Pipe, cassock, and beard = Legitimate

The question of ‘Who are you’ always feels so daunting. A few shorts words would never be able to describe who I am or what my purpose on this world might possible be. However, an introduction I suppose is in order.

 I have spent my entire life in the South of these United States, particularly in North Carolina where I was born and bred. The land and region have played a huge part in my development in ways I am now just discovering. The Old North State was the source of my nature, while my father, mother, sister, extended family, etc…dealt with the nurturing aspects of my upbringing. We lived on land that my grandfather used for farming, particularly tobacco. It was my grandfather who fortold I would one day become a preacher (much to the dismay of everyone including myself). I never would have pegged him for a prophet.

I wouldn’t say I stumbled into faith, more like it crashed into me. Through a series of events to long to share here, I, in my mid-twenties began to visit many different kinds of churches. These visits would rekindle a flame installed by my great aunts who “carried” me to church.

I began to realize I was on a journey.

A journey that took me to be baptized in a small holiness church in Wilmington, NC.

A journey that led me to meet my wife, Lauren, over a plate of nachos in 2009.

A journey that led me to attended Campbell University and study Christian Ministry.

A journey that has forced me to ask myself, “Why the Baptist faith?”

A journey that led me to Lillington Baptist Church where I served as the Student Minister and was ordained.

A journey that led Lauren and I to buy a home and move to Winston-Salem, NC where I began attending  Wake Forest University’s School of Divinity.

A journey that allowed me to join the staff at First Baptist Church Statesville as Minister to Students.

Here I stand a product of that providence.